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How Effortless Meditation Can be the FASTEST Way to Connect to Your Infinite Self

We’ll explore why meditation does not have to be hard, why it’s pointless to try to control your “monkey mind,” and why you DON’T need uncomfortable sitting poses.
I’ll share how I used effortless meditation to feel more confident in myself and my decisions – and how you can, too.
We’ll also cover the 3 major road-blocks that are stopping you from meditating effectively, so you can stop feeling frustrated about trying to “do it right” – and finally just meditate with ease.


Simran Rattan

I see so many people trying to meditate and feel like they can't do it.

Here’s the thing: true meditation is NOT about sitting in a rigid pose like a monk, It’s not about counting your breath. It’s not about sitting in a room alone trying to quiet your “monkey mind.”

True meditation is effortless.

I am a triple board-certified physician, long-time meditator (over 25 years), and Integrative Health and Meditation coach. I practice effortless meditation – the meditation style that has transformed my life.

Over the years, I’ve taught thousands of students how to let go of practices that don’t serve them – mantras, breathing exercise, rigid postures – and ushered them into one that does: effortless meditation that’s so efficient you can do it in just 10 minutes a day and get immediate, maximum results.