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How Effortless Meditation Can be the FASTEST Way to Connect to Your Infinite Self

When I was eight years old, I closed my eyes, did nothing ... and everything changed in an instant.

I had a profound spiritual experience that changed my life forever.

One day, I was sitting waiting for my ride to school, just like I did every day. On our ordinary brown couch in our ordinary living room, my backpack and packed lunch at my feet.

I closed my eyes, and asked to meet my Guru -something that was very normal in our family to do, because we had meditated for generations.

All of a sudden, I felt the heat of the sun on my face. It was like the whole sun lit and consumed the room. Not only did I feel this externally, but I felt It Internally too (my whole body felt energized, with heat and vibration moving throughout).

Warmth, peace, and love bathed me in their infinite embrace.

If I had thoughts, they didn’t interfere with this experience. I remember having this big smile on my face because I knew I had met my Guru (the light I felt inside and externally).

I felt a total connection with the infinite – with everything in the universe.

Two seconds later: HONK!

My ride was there to take me to school.

I opened my eyes, and noticed, “Oh, there’s no sun in this room.”

Yet something had come to me. Something extraordinary. Infinite. Life-changing.

Years later, I reconnected to my eight-year-old self. I learned to have this exact same quick, effortless, vibratory experience as when I was a child.

I did it through a meditation I learned from my grandfather’s best friend. It’s the most powerful meditation I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried many, including Mindfulness, Transcendental Meditation, Mantra Meditations, Kundalini, and meditations that use breath control or guided imagery. My teacher taught me ancient, forgotten principles of meditation – which even today, hardly anyone knows about -and this brought me back to my inner self, the person I’d always been. To myself as a child.

Children are born knowing how to naturally connect with the Universal Life Force. They let go spontaneously, without any thought. 

And once we get back to that child-like state, it’s just as easy for us. Connecting to the Naam (Universal Life Force, God, Divine, Chi, lnfinite … use the phrase that resonates with you) is intuitive. It comes naturally to us as human beings.

In a way, all of adulthood is getting back to that letting go. That effortless connection with the Divine within.

Without striving. Without having to do anything unnatural. Without punishing ourselves. Simply – letting go.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re dissatisfied in some way.

Does any of this feel like you?

If any of this resonates with you, then you’ve probably thought about or tried meditation, yoga, visualization, and breathing exercises, but none of it has really connected. You constantly wonder if you’re “doing it right” and you dread doing it anyway because it’s so much time and work for something that’s supposed to make you feel better. I’ve been meditating for my entire life and teaching meditation for 20+ years, and trust me, you’re not alone. SO many people feel the way you do about meditation, so I want to take a moment to dispel some myths about meditation.

The 7 Most Common and Limiting Myths About Meditation

Meditation Should Be Quiet and Still

A common goal of meditation is peace of mind, but that doesn’t mean meditation should be quiet and still. After all, if you require total silence to get peace, how will you ever have peace in the real world? Meaningful meditation results in a profound awakening of the Naam (Universal Creative Intelligent Life Force within), which is dynamic, euphoric, powerful, expressive, and active – even if you fall asleep while doing t.

The Longer the Better

Another common misconception is that you have to meditate for long periods for it to be effective. The truth is that the more powerful the meditation, the less time it takes to connect to the life force. The least effort with the most power – efficiency. 1 0-30 minutes max.

Sit With a Straight Spine

If you do a search on meditation, you will commonly see someone sitting in a rigid lotus posture or with a straight spine. Meaningful meditation, on the other hand, must be natural and effortless to truly let go into deep relaxation. Being conscious of a straight spine or rigid posture requires effort and subtle concentration, which stops you from truly letting go of the “ego-self’.

Breath Control

Some systems of meditation use breathing practices to control your breath in an unnatural manner. This makes the mind take an active role in the meditation, making it difficult to truly let go or feel the vibratory responses within. Controlling your breath doesn’t let you experience deeper states of meditation effortlessly.

Focus Your Thoughts

There is a belief that in order to be a successful meditator, you need to concentrate, still your mind, and focus your thoughts during meditation. If you have tried this, then you will know this is a losing battle. Thoughts come and go, sometimes many and sometimes few. Trying to control them with your conscious mind is a gruelling and fruitless task. Much more powerful is embodying a state of acceptance, letting the thoughts come and go like a passing show.

If You Fall Asleep, You’re Doing It Wrong

In many meditations, the common goal is to enter into deeper states of consciousness. Sleep is where we naturally and effortlessly experience these deeper states, and where our psychospiritual deeper consciousness is at work. It’s where regeneration and healing take place. So isn’t it a good thing to fall asleep during meditation? Yes!

Meditation is Difficult

Not surprisingly, because of the preceding 6 myths, many people think that meditation is difficult. If you choose a truly effortless type of meditation, you will find it’s not only simple and easy, but also extremely potent and transformative. No rigid postures, no breathing techniques, no thought control. Simply a natural, effortless, and spontaneous meditation that only takes 10-20 minutes and produces powerful transformation with ease.

So many meditations make things so much harder than they need to be.

Meditate for hours a day. Do strenuous yoga poses. Repeat mantras. Try to stay awake. Focus on imagery. Breathe unnaturally. Banish your thoughts. Go on silent retreats. No wonder so many people think it is hard to meditate. The problem is that this is all an attempt to establish a mind-body connection. But you know what? The mind-body connection is missing something: the spirit. And that’s why none of these other methods have satisfied you so far. With effortless meditation. you connect to your spirit first. Then that connection subtly flows through and guides the mind and body. But the spirit is key. The spirit comes first.

What If You Could Experience Inner Peace, Ease, and Connection with the Universal Life Force (However You Define It) in Only 15 Minutes a Day?


When you have a way to effortlessly and efficiently meditate, life becomes full of ease and grace. You have more love for yourself. You take care of yourself- and enjoy taking care of yourself. You stop sabotaging yourself. You have more self-confidence, and an unbreakable connection with your inner self – that wise voice that guides you on the right path.

You get through problems faster and come up with solutions quicker.

If you pick up negative vibrations or feelings from people, you cleanse them quickly and move on.

You feel the infinite life force alive in every part of your body, and you’re truly connected, spirit, mind, and body.

And it’s easy! You literally do nothing.

That’s what true, spiritually led meditation can be. It is simple, natural, instinctive, effortless, spontaneous, loving, and transcendent. But most of all – it is effortless.

How Do You Achieve This Divine State – Ultimate Connection with Your Inner Self and the Infinite?


The problem is that with all the resurgence of interest in meditation recently, so little focuses on what really matters: the spirit. 

While the majority of meditation practices are not wrong, they miss the point. 

They keep us mired in self-ego: in effort and striving. 

When, instead, what transforms us is an effortless connection with our spirit – the one spirit that connects us all. 

I would know – I’ve tried every style of meditation out there.

Hi my name is

Simran Rattan,

and I Practice an Ancient - Yet Virtually Unknown - Style of Meditation Called Vibrant Celestial Meditation

I am a triple board-certified physician, a long-time meditator (over 25 years), and Integrative Health and Meditation coach. I practice effortless meditation – the meditation style I learned when I was 17 years old, and which has transformed my life. 

Over the years, I’ve taught thousands of students how to let go of practices that don’t serve them – mantras, breathing exercises, rigid postures -and ushered them into one that does: effortless meditation that’s so efficient you can do it in just 15 minutes a day and get immediate, maximum results.

I believe the purpose of meditation is to connect us to the spirit, to our inner self, and to lead us to self-realization. Nirvana. Salvation. Transcendence. The true teacher within. Whatever expression you use to describe this final exalted state. 

The purpose is to experience a depth of transformation that is unique and that transcends the slower growth most other systems offer because you effortlessly surrender to the Divine Within.

Meditation is about achieving an intuitive awareness that serves you in your everyday life. It’s about being able to receive a clear, in-depth, intuitive understanding that something is true – even without any prior knowledge of the subject – whether it’s about people, situations, or yourself. 

It’s about being able to tune in at a deep level to the vibrational quality of energy of people and places – and also recognizing disharmony in yourself. 

Meditation – properly, effortlessly done – gives us an awareness that transcends logical thinking. It elevates us to a plane of intuitive existence that many are not even aware exists. 

Your sense of self is radically transformed as you identify less and less with the small ego self and more and more with the unlimited, infinite self. Your sense of wellbeing increases on a never-ending incline, and you develop a resilience that astonishes other people. 

I’ve experienced this transformation, and as a result, I have a depth of understanding that allows me to tune in and guide students on their own journeys – just as the teachers I’ve learned from were able to do for me.

This might seem mystical or esoteric, but it’s not. It’s the most simple, practical meditation that anyone can practice.

Why? Because it requires zero effort. It requires so little effort, in fact, that it’s perfectly fine if you fall asleep while doing it.

Does this sound too good to be true? I understand – many people have felt the same way when I first told them about the meditation style I practice: Vibrant Celestial Meditation (VCM).

What I love about VCM, though, is that the “proof is in the pudding.” I’ve personally experienced its benefits, and so have thousands of others. The benefits experienced by those who have learned and practiced VCM are extensive and touch all aspects of Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

Reported benefits include:

We only use around 10% of our mind’s capacity. VCM effortlessly enables you to utilize the remaining 90% of your mind’s capacity by rapidly taking you into the deeper states of consciousness (the same states we effortlessly slip into when we are asleep).

Now I’d like to show you how YOU can practice VCM. 

After years of teaching only in-person and in small groups, I’m thrilled to announce:


How to be your infinite self
through effortless meditation

I’ve created a step-by-step online course where I’ll guide you to awakening your true teacher: your inner self.

You’ll go from feeling disconnected, stuck. overwhelmed, and dissatisfied to deeply connected, free, deeply anchored in your peace, and joy.

No matter what happens in your life, you’ll be able to reconnect to this infinite spirit within you, within minutes.

You’ll leave behind the striving, the work- and you’ll experience effortless grace.

Here’s how it works. How to Be Your Infinite Self Through Effortless Meditation is a self-paced online course where I’ll teach you the easiest, most effortless meditation style I’ve ever learned: Vibrant Celestial Meditation (VCM). You’ll learn how to tap into your inner self – the true you, and be free as a child. In each module, I’ll give you practical steps to take and tools to help you on your journey.

In addition, the course includes Coaching in the form of audios with accompanying workbooks, where I’ll guide you to set a Transformation Vision for the course and goals that align with that vision. Together, we’ll explore your values to ensure your vision aligns with your values.

To facilitate your success in the course, I’ll ask you to set the frequency with which you’ll meditate throughout the course, since consistency is crucial to your success with meditation. You’ll continue to review and track your progress throughout the course using the Meditation Success Workbook that I’ll provide you. You will also have Q and A calls to provide you with personal support: so you can get unstuck in a matter of minutes!

Here’s what you’ll learn in each of the modules:

Universal Oneness

Get grounded in the deeply rooted spiritual approach of VCM. This module is to lay the foundation of
the universal concepts guiding VCM so we’ll have a starting point for the conversation. This program
establishes a common vocabulary that accommodates religious and spiritual differences.



The Consciousness and Totality of a Person

VCM is very different from traditional meditation. There is no striving, no ego, no perfect posture, and falling asleep is perfectly fine. We’ll dive deeper into how to perform VCM and how it’s different from other forms of meditation you may have tried. After over 25 years of practice, it still surprises me.



Transformation from Within Meditate effortlessly

We often lose sight of the truth of who we are and our own true potential. In this module, we delve into our makeup and what this means for connecting to the Infinite within us. In one simple lesson, we will demonstrate why most meditations leave people frustrated and feeling like it’s all-too-hard. You’ll learn the “downhill flow” that makes everything simple and effortless.



The Consciousness and Totality of a Person

VCM is extremely practical and can be applied in your life in various ways, for immediate and tangible results. In this module, we introduce you to some of the applications and teach you techniques that apply your free flow VCM to areas in your body to supercharge them and help you harmonize instantly.



Module: Maximizing Your Mind:
Your Thoughts are Creating Your Reality

VCM is the most powerful meditation available for tapping into the full resources of your mind. In this module, we show you how your newly expanded consciousness can be harnessed to deliberately create the life you desire.



Bonus Modules:
Spiritual Wellness Vision & Design Your Meditation Success

I coach you through creating a spiritual wellness vision. We uncover your deeper values, so that you understand what is really important and meaningful to you. Once your vision is created, you will understand what you really want out of meditation and you will be perfectly positioned to get the maximum benefit from the course.



Success with Meditation comes from consistent practice. VCM is very powerful and doesn’t take much time. Let’s remove potential roadblocks and design a blueprint for consistent, regular practice that gets maximum results.



For Everyone Who Joins Now, We’re Offering 4 Exclusive Bonuses to Grow Your Inner Connection

After years of teaching only in-person and in small groups, I’m thrilled to announce:

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Bonus #3

Bonus #4

Thousands of Students Have Studied VCM

Here's What Just a Few of Them Have to Say ...

“For me the journey within began 26 years ago. In VCM there is no magic, yet there is supreme magic. There is complete surrender, yet my inner self is straighter and taller. I find and discover my own beauty every day. A true practice.”

-Parneet, India

“VCM has changed my life. It has allowed me to connect with who I truly am and has brought peace, harmony and balance into my life. If you’re looking for a sincere and genuine spiritual experience, this is it.”

-Hardeep, Canada

“I searched many places looking for a lasting, tangible experience of divinity. This is it. Grace cultivates the connection for constant awareness of the Divine Presence residing in me and permeating all the people and places I encounter. Old acquaintances no longer recognize me. I am a new person. It has become an essential part of my being. An old and trusted friend that looks out for me, always there with guidance and support.”

-Jan, New Zealand

“VCM has been a special gift in my life. All the things that we read about in terms of transcendence, peace and truth, can be truly experienced through VCM. I like that it is so universal and anyone from all walks of life can practice it. There is so much healing and so much love that is effortlessly experienced through VCM. This journey has shown me that I am and always was a perfect being.”

-Dhathry, USA

“My relentless se;,rrh for rr;,rtic;,I soltJtions to the v;,riotJs challenges that were affecting every facet of my being gradually ended when I incorporated VCM into my life. With more than two decades of this practice, I can vouch that VCM is as effortless as one’s act of breathing and is indeed a divinely authenticated technique. It is therefore the Super Highway linking humanity to the Infinite.”

-Jonathan, Malaysia

Here's What a few health professionals
had to say about our recent course

“Just had this moment of immense gratitude for having God and VCM in my life, this potent and beautiful way to connect with myself and god and others that means so much to me and has helped me through this pandemic and also in general for many years. Thank you for introducing me to vcm!! Love you and you’re the best!!”

-K.V MD, Canada

OMG yesterday I did your course! Thank you thank youuuu I was having an anxiety kind of day, did your course and meditation and wow!!!!”

-M.L MD, Mexico

“Really enjoyed what I learned! Dr.Rattan did an amazing job explaining and teaching health care professionals how to deal with stress and anxiety! Thank you so much!!!” 

-H.P MD Canada

“Simran’s soothing voice and clear instructions elucidate the ease of VCM. It is hard to imagine that doing nothing could be transformational -but it truly is!”

-A.W. Occupational Therapist, USA

How to Join Today

How to Be Your Infinite Self Through Effortless Meditation will take you from overwhelmed, disconnected, and dissatisfied to fully at peace, connected, and fulfilled by connecting with your inner self.

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How Much Longer Are You Willing to 
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If you experience a profound sense of emptiness …

If you yearn for a deeper self-connection …

If you have lost that sense of childlike joy and spontaneity …

If you feel out of balance with a chaotic mind …

If you struggle to find time for inner growth …

If you’re sleeping poorly and have lost your spark in life …

If you feel disconnected from your family, your friends, your spouse, or yourself … 

If you are so busy taking care of everyone else and neglecting yourself … 

If you are just not able to feel anchored to your tranquility in times of chaos … 

Then how much longer are you willing to endure? 

Because life doesn’t have to be about endless struggle. 

You can leave behind the emptiness, the monotony, the endless effort. 

And you can just BE. Yourself connected with the infinite. 

You can deeply know and feel the peace, harmony, and ecstasy that come with self-realization and connection with the infinite. 

And it can be effortless. Something you do in as little as 1 O minutes per day. 

Isn’t that worth a try?